CNN - FBI paid more than $1 million to hack San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, Comey says

CNN - FBI Director: Plenty more Apple request cases in the future

CNN - Top DOJ official worries about cars being hacked 

CNN - TSA chief: More visible security, random checks outside airports

CNN - U.S. sues to block massive oil merger between Halliburton and Baker Hughes

CNN - FBI's Comey: No rush on Clinton email probe

CNN - $86 million aircraft to combat drugs in Afghanistan doesn't take off

CNN - Obama commutes 61 prison sentences

CNN - Democratic senators air concerns to inspectors over Clinton email review

CNN - Nicole Lovell killing: Inappropriate relationship suspected, official says 

CNN - U.S. Nazi hunter has one active case

CNN - Lynch: Obama's executive actions on guns are lawful

CNN - Report: DEA paid Amtrak employee more than $800K as informant

CNN - Homeland Security secretary unveils new terror alert system

CNN - Mistaken identity keeps detainee at Guantanamo Bay

CNN - Study: Unprecedented support for ISIS in the U.S.

CNN - Justice Department: Ambushes account for more officer deaths

CNN - FBI chief tries to deal with the 'Ferguson effect'

CNN - WikiLeaks publishes CIA chief's personal info 

CNN - Hacker who allegedly passed U.S. military data to ISIS arrested in Malaysia

CNN - DOJ pivots from ISIS to U.S. anti-government groups with new position 

CNN - Roughly 6,000 federal inmates to be released

CNN - Cotton holds up Obama nominees over Secret Service leak on Chaffetz

CNN - FBI report: Violent crime down in U.S.

CNN - U.S. boosting security measures ahead of July 4th 

CNN - Homeland Security chief likens terror concerns to red scares 

CNN - FBI, DHS memo: Pope visit attractive terror target 

CNN - Zachary Hammond shooting by police draws federal probe in South Carolina 

CNN - Defense claims Freddie Gray had history of 'crash for cash' schemes

CNN - Summer surge of synthetic marijuana causes overdoses, crime 

CNN - Police chiefs seek help to curb rising violence 

CNN - Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announces closure of notorious Baltimore jail 

CNN - DEA: Prescription drugs stolen in Baltimore flooding the streets 

CNN - Baltimore State's Attorney deputy once defended Freddie Gray 

CNN - Schumer asks FBI to investigate how movie theater shooter got a gun

CNN - Attorney General Lynch: No Pollard link to Iran deal

CNN - FBI sees Chinese involvement amid sharp rise in economic espionage cases 

CNN - Honing hacking skills at NSA summer camp

CNN - OPM Director Katherine Archuleta steps down 

CNN - DOJ: No change in stance on Snowden despite Holder remarks

CNN - Police officers in Freddie Gray case: 'Absurd' to hold trial in Baltimore 

CNN - Teen accused of being ISIS recruiter pleads guilty 

CNN - FBI chief worries ISIS could use cyberattacks against U.S.

CNN - NSA director says ISIS ideology 'increasingly resonating' with Americans

CNN - Sources: Baltimore police investigation doesn't support some of prosecution's charges

CNN - Missouri National Guard's term for Ferguson protesters: 'Enemy forces' 

CNN - Gyrocopter pilot who shut down Capitol released from jail 

CNN - First on CNN: Feds say national guardsmen tried to sell guns, ammo to cartels

CNN - House Oversight Committee grills DEA head over report

CNN - Ex-Blackwater contractors sentenced in Nusoor Square shooting in Iraq

CNN - Wisconsin man arrested after trying to join ISIS

CNN - Justice Dept. report slams Philly police

CNN - Civil liberties groups file lawsuit against NSA

CNN - Ferguson police report: Most shocking parts

CNN - Justice Department: No Darren Wilson charges

CNN - Obama warns cop body cameras are no 'panacea'

CNN - DHS intelligence report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat

CNN - Colombians sentenced for DEA agent kidnapping and murder

CNN - FBI official: ISIS is recruiting U.S. teens

CNN - Obama commutes eight drug offenders' sentences, why not others? 

CNN - Sentenced to life in prison, man hopes new clemency rules will get him out

CNN - 'Not guilty' plea in bombing case that spreads halfway around the world

CNN - Terror response concerns drive investigation into D.C. metro incident

CNN - No penalty for CIA employees accused of spying on Senate

CNN - Official: NSA will lead fight against future hacks

CNN - FBI Director says Sony hackers 'got sloppy,' sure of ties to North Korea

CNN - Eric Holder: Malls should increase security 

CNN - Two brothers enter terrorism guilty pleas

CNN - Two Illinois men arrested on terror charges

CNN - DHS official helped Clinton brother, Terry McAuliffe 

CNN - ICE arrests more than 2,000 fugitive immigrants

CNN - Oregon man pleads guilty to role in 2009 suicide bombing

CNN - Holder defends DOJ's Ferguson investigation

CNN - White House fence jumper pleads guilty to two counts

CNN - FAA questioned mental health of Germanwings pilot

CNN - Fighting for Kobani from a distance: One man does what he can

CNN - Eric Harroun -- accused of fighting with terrorists in Syria -- has died, family says 

CNN - Martyr's widow inspires Tunisia's anti-Islamists

CNN - Al Qaeda leader designated as global terrorist 

CNN - The top terror takedowns of 2012

CNN - Hunting down inside attack perpetrators

CNN - Chicago terror suspect’s long road to seeking martyrdom

CNN - Senior Taliban leader killed in NATO airstrike

The Weekly Standard - Egypt’s Second Revolution

The Diplomatic Courier - A Billion Dollar Gamble in Egypt

The Diplomatic Courier - U.S. – Pakistan Spar Over Support for Haqqani Terror Network

The Diplomatic Courier - Boko Haram Brings Nigeria to the Brink of Collapse

The Diplomatic Courier - Cairo, Egypt: Global City


CNN - U.S. Nazi hunter has one active case

CNN - For Park Police pilot Ken Burchell, Navy Yard shooting was unlike any other rescue mission

CNN - Honing hacking skills at NSA summer camp

CNN - DEA: Prescription drugs stolen in Baltimore flooding the streets

CNN - FBI official: ISIS is recruiting U.S. teens

CNN - Holder vows to hunt down 'Jihadi John'

CNN - Eric Holder: Malls should increase security

CNN - Fighting for Kobani from a distance: One man does what he can

CNN - 60-Second Vacation: Cambodia's ancient temples

CNN - Moroccan journalist facing prison

CNN - Huge music festival comes to the U.S.

Fusion - UVA students want more than just a fraternity ban

CNN - How to take perfect Cambodia photos

Al Jazeera - In Pictures: US march against Israel's war

CNN - Martyr's widow inspires Tunisia's anti-Islamists

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